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InVEST Program

This Year’s Program
The 2011-2012 InVEST Program hosted by IIANF was held at Wolfson High School in Jacksonville. Over 50 students participated in this insurance agency simulation and practical solutions program.

Upon successful completion of this program, IIANF awarded three college scholarships and a book scholarship in the name of IIANF Past President, Joan Romita. All awards are based on judging of written essays submitted to IIANF board members by InVEST students.

The scholarships were funded this year by the generosity of the Main Street America/Old Dominion group. Special thanks and recognition go out to The Main Street Group for their commitment to the furtherance of the InVEST Program and the training of high school students! 

To volunteer for this very worthwhile program, please contact Fran Covert at AON Risk Services of Florida at [email protected]. Fran serves as the Chair of the InVEST Program.

Special thanks to all the volunteers and IIANF Agency and Associate Members who generously donate to the InVEST Program as part of the annual dues and through their commitment of time and expertise.

About InVEST
The Insurance Vocational Education Student Training (InVEST) program has provided practical training and educational experiences to thousands of individuals throughout the United States for over 35 years, reaching over 8,000 people annually in more than 230 schools in 25 states.

The high school program offers fully-accredited high school business education courses to the students, providing them with real-world principles and sharpening the students talents and marketability in the job market. InVEST serves as an information-intensive introduction to insurance at the community college level, and in vocational or adult education settings. In addition, InVEST is promoted by the Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA) as a beneficial service to the business community.

Mission Statement
To provide education about the insurance industry and its diverse careers, to encourage the development of trained insurance professionals and to create educated insurance consumers.

Impact and Reach Over two-thirds of students who participate in the program enter into some facet of the insurance industry, but all of the students leave with valuable job skills and experiences.

High school students are not the only individuals that can benefit from the InVEST program. InVEST can be implemented into community colleges, career and technology centers, and adult education settings.

Benefits of InVEST

  • InVEST encourages entrepreneurship, promotes private enterprise and introduces young people to the myriad opportunities available in the insurance industry.
  • InVEST develops a trained work force and brings new talent into the insurance industry.
  • InVEST provides a proven ability to reach a diverse population, such as urban and minority students.
  • InVEST allows organizations to be involved on a local level with agents and IIAA state associations.
  • InVEST provides sources of positive public relations. The insurance industry becomes a respected liaison between the academic and business worlds through direct involvement of professionals in the classroom and community.
  • InVEST provides an opportunity for genuine public service.
  • InVEST educates future and current consumers.

InVEST Achievements…

  • Serves a diverse population with over 50% minority students.
  • Nationally recognized by the IIAA as a powerful vehicle addressing redlining issues and lack of minority representation in the insurance industry.
  • Stimulates agency and company operations to prepare students for various business occupations in the insurance industry.
  • Provides beneficial information to displaced workers, individuals returning to the workplace, and people desiring to make career changes.