Welcome to the Independent Insurance Agents of Northeast Florida (IIANF). The Association, in existence since 1927, is a thriving professional membership association serving its Agency and Associate members with a variety of valuable benefits and resources.

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IIANF is a professional association of independent insurance agents. IIANF’s purpose is to promote common business interests of independent insurance agencies and protect the interests of the insuring public. Members are comprised of independent agencies in Northeast Florida as well as Associate members who render a service or support the general insurance industry. The association has board and committee members to address these specific areas: Membership, Continuing Education, Programs, Legislature, Catastrophe Planning, Big I Day, and the InVEST Program.

A short history of IIANF…Since 1927

The beginning of what is today known as Independent Insurance Agents of Northeast Florida (IIANF) started in Jacksonville in 1927, as the Independent Insurance Agents of Greater Jacksonville. The first elected president of the association was Clifford Payne. In 1996, the association changed its name to better reflect the growth of Northeast Florida and its surrounding counties.

One of IIANF’s long-standing members, who served as its president in 1974, is Caldwell L. “Hank” Haynes, CPCU. Haynes, Peters & Bond Company is the oldest agency in Florida started in 1877 for the purpose of selling feed, grain, groceries, fertilizer and general insurance in Jacksonville and neighboring Palatka.

Hank’s great-grandfather traveled by horseback to service his customers, mostly farmers. Hank provided IIANF with his perspective of the industry and its growth.

“When I joined the firm in 1967, things were much different than they are today. Agents and insurance companies had a less formal, but closer relationship. A lawyer prepared multi-page contract has replaced the handshake. The mailman has, in large part, been replaced by fax or E-mail. The standard fire policy has been replaced by a ‘package’ policy and vandalism has given way to terrorism. Some of this change is good, but in many ways, I miss the ‘good ol’ days.’”

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